Project Management

Project Management excellence at ONUG assures high quality, on time and on budget!

    *Single point of contact      *Scheduling      *Collaboration (planning, engineering, construction, and maintenance)​

                *Permitting/Building Code Monitoring​      *Construction Management​      *Project progress reports ​

         *Detailed accounting information       *Risk Management​        *Approval / record changes     *Safety Assurance​

                      *Equipment detailing and monitoring​      *Budget and Cost Control        *Quality Control / Assurance​

Our Project Managers design and engineer OSP networks to be efficient and cost-effective. This entails preparing hand-offs and tracking dates to ensure timeliness. We specialize in Quality Control: producing quality products by limiting errors.

Noah works on our access point projects. This entails setting up units that extend WIFI to an entire building for our clients. Noah creates heat maps to identify the best access locations and then sets up the installation of the access points. He then goes on location to access the software and apply the settings that allow the access points to function to the specific needs of our clients.