Construction Services available through the capable team of ONUG employees and contractors

*FTTH/FTTX       *Consultation​       *Planning             *Mapping         *Walk-outs​Field Surveys     *Inspection Services      

*Procurement       *GIS Field Services        *​OSP construction & installation       *Wiring and Installation      

*Communications/utility construction       *CEVs, Huts, or Mini-vaults including bulk & distributive power

*Field Splicing – Fiber / Copper               *Installation, test & turn-up


Jonathan shares, “I design fiber to the home projects using AutoCAD. However, being at a small company, I have the opportunity to do more than just sit at a desk and design FTTH jobs all day. I work very closely with construction crews on jobs I am designing. Also, I am able to learn from our Project Managers about bidding, problem solving and construction methods. I have gained knowledge in using ArcGIS and MicroStation, as well as being exposed to point to point and fiber to the curb projects.”